Border collie Cid Akumulator + Ricky (Avenger Zorro Wonderfull Dream)

Border collie.



My older dog Cid Akumulator - Sid is simply gorgeous. He participated four times in the World Championship of rescue dogs (IRO), he was the 6th twice (unfortunately, he hurt himself seriously at the WC and now, he is practicing the activity just for fun). Moreover, he was the third at the European Championship. Cid is the first border collie, which has obtained attestation for practical use in emergency situations –rescue in wreckage. Apart form the rescue training, he is practicing agility. Cid participated in the Agility WC in 2000 - 2002. He was the 16th in 2001 - individuals. He won the European Open as well. He loves working with sheep, I try therefore to afford him such opportunity as often as possible. He has passed exam of herding abilities. Unfortunately, we had no more time for further exams. He has the sheep always as reward and therapy. Cid has 13 exams – obedience, rescue.  We also take part in Dog Shows. Cid is Champion of Czech Republic, CH. Of Slovakia and Champion of the Club, both BOB and CACIB. 


His son Avanger Zorro (Ricky) is  two years old and very skillful. He practices above all agility, he likes both obedience and tracing (trail). He is mostly satisfied when he is allowed to work. For the moment, he has 5 base exams.



                            Iveta Matzenauerová




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